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Available for Corporate, Wedding, Private, Commercial functions, and associated events. Zero Dark Thirty brings the best of Rock & Roll to the stage with the use of the best technical equipment, the best professional lighting and sound, and the best personnel that the Birmingham area has to offer. The technical aspect of the music selection matched with the technical aspect of the gear we employ delivers a high energy memorable experience matched by few in the area.

We are a full service band capable of performing for 100-3000 able to deliver light and sound; self contained. We look forward to serving you soon.



Rick Kalina, (formerly the Lead Vocalist and Bassist for SuperFortress) carries the mail delivering his 4 octave vocal range to deliver a technical experience matched by few in the Birmingham music scene. The technical side of the music performed as well as the integration of the latest technology in music advances are at his fingertips to further enhance the total experience. The newest assignment to Lead Vocals brings the needed energy that is elevating the project as a whole to a new level.the strategic move is paying big dividends.  Come experience the new look...


Rob Evans, (Lead Guitar/Vocals) a seasoned musical veteran returned recently to the Birmingham area from a road career that's spanned decades. Rob participating in his first band local in Birmingham from the mid 80's locally took his talents to the road. In '89 from original bands with Dan Backslide, in '93 back to the Ham after Texas with gigs with Jezebel Dogs and Autumn Lords (with Dee Dee Starshaker) featured an Album recorded by Dave Grohl with gear used to record their album from bands recording from the 70's to the 2000's on the same gear. Rob also has been fortunate to have toured with several tribute bands. Strutter and Kiss Army has seen Rob's likes for 4 years and over 300 shows. Rob also played with the Eagles tribute band 7 Bridges from '16-'19.  Rob was based out of Nashville an Las Vegas.  ZDT is proud and fortunate to have Rob on board. 

Danny West, (Percussion/Vocals)  is a Birmingham native, his talents have spanned decades as first and foremost, a Rock Drummer. Danny has recently been with Steel City Union as well as other bands in the past. Jake Gibson Band, Delusional, Checkmate, Slammer, and Pitchin' Wu are some of those projects Danny has been involved with over the years. Danny's technical side is always evolving and with ZDT he has stepped up tho the plate with challenges in the digital arena and is doing a great job! ZDT is pleased and fortunate to have him on board!!         

Jeffrey Freeman (Percussionist/Keyboards/Vocals) epitomizes the best in technical ability that the Central Alabama could ever have to offer involved in this project, many other groups have been a beneficiary of his masterful performance art and is currently involved with Tony Irby and is on tour with Tim Dugger.


Seth Hutchins comes to ZDT from Hiram Georgia and with him comes an unmatched technical expertise ZDT is fortunate to have. Seth (also an accomplished drummer) as many know occupied the sound engineer duties at The Still in Gadsden and now assists ZDT in bringing the very best out front. As well, Seth dabbles in the lights!!


Sherri Smotherman our most recent ZDT crew member decided that being an audience participant wasn't enough and now commands the X32 and lighting Hog4 PC consoles. Come see what impresses everyone who comes to see ZDT when she's at the desk!!

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